Medical Splash Protection Goggle

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PM-JBW/PG Medical Protective Goggle
  • Prevent droplets splashing
    Saliva and mucus splashes during healthcare examinations
  • Anti-Impact
    Tiny sharp objects splashes such as iron filings and other particles
  • Prevent Dust
    Wind, sand dust and other particles during windy conditions
  • UV Protection
    Isolate UV rays from eyes.

Fully enclosed goggles, for safe isolation of eyes.

Made with high-strength PC lens waterproof, anti-impact, anti-virus.

Flexible and elastic, comfortable without pinching face.

No additional correction lenses are required for myopic people. Eye sight correction glasses can be worn under this protective goggle.

The elastic band can be infinitey adjusted for proper sizing and adjustment.


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PDF Brochure for Protective Goggle
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