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ProMed Medical Protective Faceshield (10-Pack)

In response to the 2020 Coronavirus COVID-19, ProMed has developed a face shield for the front line medical community. The ProMed Face Shield is designed to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters. ProMed's Face Shield's full-length provides complete coverage. The wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side, and front face protection.

    Comfortable and Functional:

    Full face shield comes with an extremely comfortable skin-friendky 30mm forehead sponge. It also easily goes over glasses or goggles.

    Fog Resistant:

    Driect splash protection shield comes with an anti-fog coating on both the inside and outside of the shield providing clear, direct, and peripheral vision in all weather conditions.

    Maximum Protection:

    Full-Face Design provides complete coverage including the sides of the face preventing all contact with eyesmouth, and nose.

    Adjustable Head Strap:

    Elastic Headband allows for a custom fit no matter the size of the head and face.

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